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On I (heart) NY

Posted by Jake Saunders on Tue, Nov, 29, 2011 @ 11:11 AM

I (heart) NY. Everyone knows what I’m referring to and its not just a rip off of pop art genius (and fellow Hoosier), Robert Indiana. Its not necessarily the best tee, but its definitely the most recognizable. Its the Mona Lisa of tee shirts. Its the official garment of NYC (even though no one there wears them). But, what is so special about it is that it effectively communicates universally and in an iconic American visual language that transcends its stuffy high art influences.

The tee is the go to New York memento. It serves as a conversation starter, a souvenir and often, bragging rights for those who bring one back from to their small towns in the Mid-West. What differentiates the tee shirt from another souvenir is the direction of the projection of its sentiment and the generalization of those elicited thoughts. A souvenir, which is tied to an idiosyncratic thought, is thus rendered ineffective in communicating to someone not sharing that experience. The tee, in general, is contradictory to the general nature of a souvenir as it is used to tell everyone else something.

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Interview with Dan Lachman, founder of Sharp Shirter

Posted by Jake Saunders on Mon, Oct, 24, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

We had the great fortune of starting to print for Dan Lachman of Sharp Shirter back in 2008. We see a lot of apparel lines that fizzle out or never really hit. Sharp Shirter is a real success story and we've been cheering Dan on as we've watched his line flourish over the years. He's a truly genuine person and super smart dude with great taste and a passion for what he does. It's truly an honor to print for him. I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing an interview for us and maybe share some secrets of his success for those just getting started. Of course, he was happy to oblige :)


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Step 1 of the Screen Printing Process: Submitting a PO

Posted by Jake Saunders on Thu, Oct, 20, 2011 @ 09:10 AM

Customization is defined as, “to modify or build according to individual or personal specifications or preference.”

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Eco-Fashion Event of the Year

Posted by Jake Saunders on Wed, Oct, 19, 2011 @ 09:10 AM

On Thursday, October 20th, Conscious Living TV presents the 3rd annual Vert Couture eco-fashion show & benefit, an official headlining event of Fashion Focus Chicago in the tents at Millennium Park. This year's charity beneficiary is Keep Chicago Beautiful.

The event will kick off with a "Sexy & Sustainable" VIP cocktail reception and green lifestyle lounge starting at 6:00pm featuring organic libations from Prairie Organic Vodka, New Belgium beer, Wild Blossom honey wine and delicious vegan appetizers provided by Karyns on Green. VIPs will also be treated to cutting-edge eco-art installations and deluxe eco-gift bags provided by the Green Goddess Boutique filled with lots of sustainable goodies and products.

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Staying Warm During the Cool Weather

Posted by Jake Saunders on Wed, Sep, 07, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Kids are back in school and football is back on TV, which means summer is coming to an end and fall is soon to come. As you begin to pack up you tanks and shorts, you’ll need to start thinking about this year’s Fall fashion.

There’s no better way to keep warm during the cool days of Fall then by throwing on a comfortable jacket. However, if you want to stay in style, you’ll need to be wearing the most stylish jackets.

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Welcome Sharprint's Newest Artist: Jake Saunders

Posted by Jake Saunders on Wed, Aug, 31, 2011 @ 08:08 AM

In order to be a great screen printing company, great artist are essential. Not all art files work in screen printing, making it extremely important to have skilled, professional artist dealing with all art files and creating proofs for clients.

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest production artist, Jake Saunders, to the Sharprint team.

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A Sticky Trick for All-Over Printing

Posted by Jake Saunders on Wed, Aug, 24, 2011 @ 08:08 AM

In order to print over an entire t-shirt, the inside of the garment must be starched. This is the main difference between the basic screen print process and the process of all-over printing.

Starching is the action of spraying a starch-like mist to the inside of a t-shirt.

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A Screen Printing Experience for Kids

Posted by Jake Saunders on Fri, Jul, 08, 2011 @ 07:07 AM

If you haven’t heard about the Rumble Arts Center in Humbolt Park, it’s about time you did.

The center isn’t just about providing affordable art experience for kids - it’s about bringing families together, strengthening the community and sharing in fun - and they do it right.

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A Blank Garment, Your Artboard

Posted by Jake Saunders on Mon, May, 09, 2011 @ 10:05 AM

A painting begins with an empty canvas, a novel starts with a blank page, and a song kicks off without a single lyric. Then an inspiration, an idea, or a spark of creativity turns those blank spaces into works of art.

The same goes for decorative apparel. Before a design is screen printed or embroidered on a t-shirt, it is simply a blank piece of fabric. With that blank piece of fabric, the customer can do as they please. Some people like the clean blank t-shirt look, some prefer an all-over print design, and many others go with something in-between.

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Pillow Pets: Putting Smiles on Many Faces

Posted by Jake Saunders on Mon, Apr, 25, 2011 @ 08:04 AM

About 2 months ago, Sharprint’s heart was touched by the story of a young boy named Jacob McConahay and his quest to bring happiness to sick and suffering children. After receiving joy and comfort from a pillow pet given to him from his Aunt, Jake set a goal to provide all of his friends at the Riley Hospital with a pillow pet of their own. Jake didn’t end his journey once he reached his goal, but instead raised the bar and set out on a new mission to collect 1 million pillow pets to give to children all over the world.

We wanted to help Jake achieve his goal, so we set out to collect pillow pets to be donated to the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The next thing we knew, pillow pets were coming in left and right!!

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