There are two types of thread used to embroider a logo or design. They are rayon and polyester. The logo and fabric to be embroidered are determining factors for which we use. Each type of embroidery thread has its own set of advantages and our selection provides the best possible result.


  • shiny and smooth
  • soft, supple finish
  • best for delicate clothing
  • most often selected for corporate apparel, golf polos, and retail directed garments


  • less shine than rayon thread
  • durable and strong
  • can withstanding bleaching, detergent, and hot water
  • most often selected for industrial and sports team uniforms


Sharprint’s artists and digitizers select the thread that most closely matches the assigned Pantone color. If no PMS color is called out in the art file, we will match the screen image as closely as possible. Since all monitors preview differently, it is best to select a target Pantone color.

We also have thread books available. If you are able to stop in, you can reference a thread chart and select the thread you would like to use.

We do offer some specialty thread types. It is important to note that these threads do not work well for all logos and fabrics. Let your customer service rep know if you are interested in a specialty thread.

  • metallic
  • rainbow
  • color changing
  • reflective
  • neon
  • glow-in-the-dark