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Decorated Apparel Week In Review: October 7, 2012

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Sun, Oct, 07, 2012 @ 10:10 AM


In the decorated apparel industry, it is very important to capture the greatest level of detail possible to leave the customer with the end result that they expect. With a professional digitizer and the appropriate machinery, it is possible to achieve very detailed and excellent embroidery results.

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How To Use Custom Clothing to Promote Your Business

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Thu, Oct, 04, 2012 @ 13:10 PM

Custom clothing is a great tool for promoting any business. There are lots of creative ways that this marketing tool can be used. Here are just a few options to get the brainstorming process started. Building on these will create lots of unique marketing strategies that will help to reach a new and diverse audience.

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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Company's Work Clothes

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Tue, Oct, 02, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Maybe you’re tired of having your employees' uniforms blend in and look like other companies, or you simply feel your work attire lacks pizazz. In any case, jazzing up your company’s work attire can be easy, fun, and even cost effective. Below are a few ideas that your business may benefit from when considering how to spice up company’s business attire.

1. Create a Customized Logo.

Maybe your company has had the same logo for a long period of time. Or perhaps your company offers several locations of your business and all of the logos are the same. Whatever the case may be, consider changing up the logo for your particular business location and jazz up the overall look of your work clothing. Using a software program like Photoshop or Illustrator can help you create a customized logo that fits your company’s personality. Simply changing the logo design and colors, or adding a slogan can add a positive change to your company uniforms, make them a lot more interesting, and add some excitement for your employees.

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Making The Most Out of Your Screen Printing Designs

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Mon, Sep, 24, 2012 @ 13:09 PM

Screen printing is a type of printing technique that utilizes woven mesh as a means of supporting ink-blocking stencils. A relatively inexpensive printing technique that results in highly-detailed and very beautiful designs. Using screen printing for t-shirts and other promotional items can help get a business on the proverbial map. Whether researching the best ways to promote your restaurant, retail store, eco-friendly company or other business, screen printing designs are arguably one of the optimal methods for making your business apparel truly stand out. 

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Fall Clothing & Fashion Trends of 2012

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Tue, Sep, 18, 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Everything old is new again, especially when it comes to Fall 2012 fashion trends. For those who weren’t around for the 80s, the neon colors and puffy sleeves may feel new, young and crazy but anyone who was around at that time may feel a little Flashdance coming on. However, the key to Fall 2012 trend-setting is to maintain a modern, sleek edge with just a pop of retro charm. 

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Is Eco-Friendly Clothing Worth The Investment?

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Wed, Sep, 12, 2012 @ 13:09 PM

No doubt about it, environmentally friendly clothing is more expensive than traditional clothing. This is because everything about the process of making organic clothes costs more, from the organic soil to the natural methods used to remove pests from the crops. Once harvested, the material must be processed without the use of chemicals, dyes or bleach. This takes additional time, effort and money. As such, environmentally friendly clothing is higher in price since manufacturers are passing on the extra cost to the consumer. In fact, organic clothing is often quite a bit more expensive than traditional clothing or fabric. 

The question is whether eco-friendly clothes are worth the additional investment. 

Many would say no, that clothes get dirty, stained, torn, or simply worn out and cannot be used any longer. Once clothing is damaged, it is difficult to salvage the item, no matter how much someone may have initially paid for it. Clothing does not appreciate in value the same way other traditional investments might, such as real estate or quality jewelry. Others, however, would beg to differ and might start by stating that organic fabric is usually a higher quality than cheap, overly processed cotton or other fabrics. As a result, eco-friendly clothing actually tends to last longer than other items might and therefore can cost less than replacing cheaper items sooner. 

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The Basics of Printing Custom Made T-shirts

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Mon, Sep, 10, 2012 @ 14:09 PM

Custom made t-shirts might seem incredibly simple, but there are actually quite a few moving parts that go into the process. Since ordering a selection of custom designed t-shirts is supposed to deliver exactly what you want, maintaining a large number of options is absolutely key. Read on to discover three very important basics when ordering your custom made t-shirts.

Choose Your Design

Designing your t-shirts is one of the most basic and straightforward parts of the t-shirt design process. It is important that you never lose sight of the fact that these shirts are intended to be worn and be representative of your brand or group. Your custom t-shirts should make a statement to anyone looking at them, and it should be of little surprise that design is one of the most essential components. The overall look and feel of your shirts should be something that represents your group or organization correctly.

A number of things can be included in the overall design of the shirt, including both the logo and the color style of the shirt itself. As you work to design a shirt that meets all of your needs, you may want to keep in mind specific examples of custom made t-shirts you’ve seen elsewhere. It’s also important that you consult with your custom designer to ensure the proper specifications are in place when finalizing your design.

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7 Effective Business Uses for Logo Embroidery

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Thu, Sep, 06, 2012 @ 13:09 PM

Embroidering your company's logo on apparel or other promotional products can be a great way to build brand awareness and exposure. Logo embroidery looks neat & professional, and it's a good alternative to screen print. Embroidery makes your logo stand out while also calling attention to your business, especially when used on many types of items and materials.

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7 Reasons Staff Uniforms Should Be Chosen by Your Employees

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Tue, Sep, 04, 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Staff uniforms can be great branding tools, especially when keeping the business looking clean and professional. In companies with a physical storefront, this is especially important. Diners should be able to spot their waitress, and shoppers want to know who to ask for assistance. While it may be a given that uniforms are in order, there's no reason that the selection should be left to only management. Getting employees involved in the process is beneficial for many reasons.

1. Comfortable Garments

Many employees’ associate uniforms with feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. When management works with them on the clothing selections, this potential issue can be easily avoided. Staff uniforms should look professional, but they don't need to cause discomfort. There are many different fabrics available today that can help make uniforms comfortable.

In additional to physical comfort, it's also important for employees to feel emotionally comfortable with the uniform. Some members of the staff may not feel comfortable in shorts, while others may sweat too much or get self-conscious in a long-sleeved shirt. Talk with your staff members to find out what comfort options they would like to see associated with their uniforms.

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Express Your Organization's Identity with Custom Embroidered Patches

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Wed, Aug, 29, 2012 @ 15:08 PM

If you’re designing custom uniforms or outfits for your organization, you may want to consider the benefits and uses of embroidered patches. Embroidered patches are commonly used to provide a lasting impression on your garments when expressing your organization’s personality. Whether you’re still in the process of ordering your organization's apparel, or have briefly thought about using embroidered patches, read on to discover the benefits.


What embroidered patches accomplish better than some other additions to custom outfits are a sense of personal identify and branding. A great way to brand your apparel is to incorporate the use of embroidered patches in your company logo or messaging. A graphic artist can help you create a successful custom patch, or you can easily digitize from an existing logo.

Of course, there are branding benefits beyond those focused solely towards consumers. Creating your own internal special embroidered patch is also a great way to ensure that your organization is clearly standing out in the minds of your members or employees.

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