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The Basics of Printing Custom Made T-shirts

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on Mon, Sep, 10, 2012 @ 14:09 PM

basics of printing tshirts

Custom made t-shirts might seem incredibly simple, but there are actually quite a few moving parts that go into the process. Since ordering a selection of custom designed t-shirts is supposed to deliver exactly what you want, maintaining a large number of options is absolutely key. Read on to discover three very important basics when ordering your custom made t-shirts.

Choose Your Design

Designing your t-shirts is one of the most basic and straightforward parts of the t-shirt design process. It is important that you never lose sight of the fact that these shirts are intended to be worn and be representative of your brand or group. Your custom t-shirts should make a statement to anyone looking at them, and it should be of little surprise that design is one of the most essential components. The overall look and feel of your shirts should be something that represents your group or organization correctly.

A number of things can be included in the overall design of the shirt, including both the logo and the color style of the shirt itself. As you work to design a shirt that meets all of your needs, you may want to keep in mind specific examples of custom made t-shirts you’ve seen elsewhere. It’s also important that you consult with your custom designer to ensure the proper specifications are in place when finalizing your design.

Determine Your Print Technique

So you’ve spent the time creating a design for your shirt, now you’ll need to consider what type of printing options are available. Depending on your order size and needs, there are different types of printing specifically suited for certain kinds of orders. It is important that you choose the format that will produce the best results for your project. Your designated printing rep should work with you to determine whether your project makes sense to be done via screen print or digital print.

Screen printing has traditionally been the most popular type of printing for custom t-shirts. The look of a screen printed shirt is something that you likely are familiar with, and it can be a great way to mass produce a number of t-shirts. Depending on the goals of the project, you may decide to screen print using all-over printing, soft-hand printing, or specialty print. It’s important to consult with your representative when deciding what type of options you have available when screen printing your shirts.

Digital printing is undoubtedly the wave of the future, and working with a company that can provide you with this option is a great way to ensure you get the results you want. Digital printing allows for an overall cleaner design and look, as well as the option to include some particularly fine details. It also will often greatly increase the overall efficiency in the handling and completion of your custom made t-shirt project.

Add Custom Details

Another way that you can put your own personal stamp on your t-shirts is to include specific custom details on your shirts. When you add in a unique flourish you are making sure that your shirts stand out while increasing the awareness of your group or organization, which is one of the most basic goals for business t-shirts

Embroidery is one basic and effective way to make sure that your shirts are standing out and accomplishing what you want them to. Embroidery allows for you to include a logo or particular message that will help display uniqueness and quality. Easily customizable, you choose the stitch type and color that you think will maximally portray your brand.

Of course, these are just some of the biggest and most basic components of custom designed t-shirts. One of the biggest perks of working with a professional printing service to design and carry out your order of custom t-shirts, is that you will receive consultation & support throughout the entire process of your order. 


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