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7 Tips When Ordering Custom Uniforms For Your Sports Team

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on August 14, 2012 8:46:00 AM CDT

custom uniforms sports teamWhen you're ordering uniforms for your sports team it can be a fun process, but there are several things to consider. Uniforms are the way your team is being represented to the public, so it's important that the uniforms reflect the spirit of the team as well as your own needs such as color, fit and material. Keep these things in mind when you're ordering custom uniforms for your sports team to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Consider Material

Some uniforms are made from jersey style material, and others are made from pro-mesh, polyester, jacquard or cotton. The material can affect the way the uniforms look as well as performance. Consider what sport you need uniforms for, the weather you'll be playing in, and if you need a looser or tighter fitting custom uniform. There are special materials made specifically to wick moisture to make you more comfortable while you sweat. Some materials are also snag and stain resistant, so consider all your options when ordering your custom uniforms.

Personalization is Important

Personalization makes every team member feel like a special part of the team. Putting each team member's name and number on the back of the uniforms adds a special touch and makes each player stand out. Make sure to talk to your screen printing & embroidery expert about the many options when it comes to names and numbers on uniforms.

Color, Color, Color! 

What is your team color? Do you have more than one color and do they go well together? Which colors are seen in your mascot? Choosing a team color is probably the most important decision you'll make, because the color you pick will become synonymous with your team. Skip any colors that are already easily identifiable to other teams in your community so you can make your own mark.

Logo Design Can Make or Break a Uniform

If you want your logo on your uniform, make sure to consult with your printer to figure out where to place it. It may look better on the back of the uniforms rather than on the front. Be flexible about the team logo to ensure an overall pleasing look for the uniforms. You want them to be simple but effective. If you don't like the look of the screen printed logo, have your logo embroidered instead for a professional look.

Size Matters 

Make sure you have every team member's measurements so uniforms can be created to these specifications and they fit perfectly as they should. The great thing about ordering custom uniforms is that there shouldn't be any fit issues due to the fact that they are being custom created for each team member specifically. Measure each player around the neck, down the arms and around the chest. For hat measurements, measure around the brow line.

Hats Off to You

A hat is important to many sports, including baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and others. The hat should be the color of the uniform and have either the logo or team name embroidered on the front. Decide exactly what your hats should look like before your order your uniforms. Player's names can be embroidered on the back of the hat, or their numbers for an even more custom uniform personalization.

Don't Forget Spirit Shirts! 

Build team spirit by ordering spirit shirts with your team name and colors that can be sold at games and team events. Encourage spectators to wear the shirts while they're watching games, and when they show up to other team related events that support your team. Custom uniforms just aren't about uniforms, they are about promoting your team and building spirit to ensure you have a great season! You could also do other fun items like bags.

Selecting custom uniforms for your sports team doesn't have to be a challenge if you know what you want. Speak with a screen printing expert to learn even more about ordering custom uniforms and what your options are when it comes to logos, design, colors and embroidery!

Photo Credit: SFU Public Affairs 
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