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How Can All Over Printing Benefit You?

Posted by George Kilian on July 27, 2016 11:08:42 AM CDT


More than just a method for adding patterns, all over printing can use texture, dynamic placement and photographic images to transform a basic tee into an exciting backdrop to dramatically frame your message.

All over print shirts are an affordable way to make a huge impact, at around $1.75 for one side one color for over 300 tees or tanks in materials like 100% cotton, triblends and 50/50 blends.

What to Know About AOP Printing for Shirts

Due to the unique process there are some design considerations to be made. Most notably, there is a tendency for ink to skip or pool a bit in seams, and for there to be some irregularity in printing in the armpit area.

An entirely different press is used for these jobs than for other, standard print jobs. Screens for this machine can cover and entire short-sleeve shirt. We recommend doing a custom one color print then adding a traditional screen print on top of the pattern as seen on the illustration.  For one color AOP printing, 72 pieces is the minimum.

Interested in Custom All Over Print Shirts?

Contact Sharprint today to learn more about all over printing and how you can use them for your promotional shirts to set yourself apart. AOP printing gives a unique and eye-catching look to shirts, and you and your customers will love it.

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George Kilian

Written by George Kilian