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[Infographic] One Color All Over Print Layering Technique

Posted by Jake Saunders on August 22, 2014 12:44:00 PM CDT

screen_printing_one_color_aop_sharprint_chicagoOne thing that plagues us as printers of apparel is those pesky seams. When the squeegee passes over a seam, it disrupts the constant and even pressure it applies. The resulting print will be uneven in the area immediately surrounding that seam.

This problem is exacerbated in all-over prints where the image is printed... well, all over every seam. However, Carlos Ballesteros, our production manager, and his crack team of printing gurus have recently made serious improvements in printing all over prints on our Prerunner press, affectionately known as the “One Armed Bandit”, simply by layering the press bed with some stuff he found around the shop.

All-Over Printing Apparel | Sharprint Screen Printing

By providing a little bit of give on the underside of the garment, Carlos has found a way to produce much more even one color all over prints.  When the squeegee passes over seams, the substrate gives instead of the squeegee, resulting in more even pressure. 

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Jake Saunders

Written by Jake Saunders