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    The Goods Aren't Good Without A PO

    Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on October 22, 2019 at 10:00:00 AM CDT


    One of the very first steps in the decorating apparel industry is purchasing the goods that need to be screen printed or embroidered on. Decorating companies are more than willing to order the goods for their customers, but there are times when customers will supply the garments themselves. This is certainly not a problem and 100% acceptable. However, if the customer does provide their decorator with the blank pieces, there are a few things that they should know and take into consideration. Here are three Things Your Decorator Needs Before Sending Your Order to Production:

    1. Purchase Order
    2. Blank Goods
    3. Art Approval

    The customer should ALWAYS send its printer a purchase order before sending the goods. Without a PO to match up with inbound goods, the decorator won’t know what or who those goods are for. The processing of the order will be delayed and until a PO is received, the received production is set indefinitely in a holding area.

    A common term associated with the decorating industry is turn-around time.Turn-around time is the length of time it’ll take for the client to receive his or her decorated goods. If a decorating company promises a customer a 5 day turn-around time on an order, that customer should have to wait no longer than 5 days to receive their decorated goods. However, the 5-day count down doesn’t begin the second the customer submits their order. The clock start ticking once the purchase order is received, artwork is approved, and the goods are in house.

    Depending on the decorating manufacturer that the client uses, an art approval may also be required from the customer before the order can be sent to production. Though the turn-around time isn’t in effect until the client approves the artwork, an art approval is a good idea. Art approval assures that the spelling, location, imprint size, and PMS colors of the design are correct and ready to be printed. The quicker the customer responds, the sooner they will receive their goods.

    Quick Tips for Placing an Order With Your Decorator

    1. Be sure to send your decorator your purchase order before sending the goods.
    2. Make sure the purchase order is 100% correct, as any changes will restart the turn-around clock.
    3. Respond to your art approval email as quickly as possible. Once you approve the art and the goods are in house, your order can enter production.

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