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Mastering The Design Of Embroidery For Apparel Decoration

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on May 14, 2014 11:35:00 AM CDT

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Embroidery is a beautiful application for embellishing a garment or adding a branding element to apparel and accessories. Vector graphics on a computer screen often do not translate well to stitches based for a number of reasons including the fabric you wish to apply the logo to. There is a simple set of guidelines to follow that will ensure your art will look as exquisite embroidered as is does in your design software.

Understanding File Types

The first step in embroidered custom decorated apparel is receiving and reviewing client art files. All digital files are redrawn as virtual stitches to communicate the design to the embroidery machine. The process for redrawing a design or logo as stitches is called digitizing. The cleanest files produce the most perfect embroidery.

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Vector formats produce the cleanest most exact embroidery because the graphics are composed of paths instead of pixels. When a digitizer zooms in to create a stitch pattern using a raster file there is a certain amount of “gray area” where the digitizer must use his or her best judgement regarding where the edge of the graphic is. When zooming in or out of a vector graphic, the edge is very apparent, clean and clear. 

Raster files can be used for digitizing, however, keep in mind that graphics created at higher resolutions will digitize more exactly producing cleaner, nicer finished embroidered garments.

Paying Attention to Details 

The smallest letter in any text should be no smaller than .25” tall. Complicated graphics with very fine detail do not sew well. Stitches do not blend when creating embroidered gradients. Gradient blends will not appear as smooth sewn as they do on your computer screen.

It's always a good idea to have a graphic artist specializing in embroidery or digitizing assess your art prior to placing an order. Get in touch with an artist today! 

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