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Unique T-Shirt Packaging Ideas For More Sales

Posted by George Kilian on November 30, 2022 11:26:54 AM CST


You’re in the business of showing new ideas, so finding unique and interesting ways to package shirts can lead to a boost in customer engagement and sales. Here at Sharprint, we encourage our clients to think outside the box when it comes to packaging for t-shirts, and today, we’re featuring a few unique ways to approach t-shirt packaging to better entice buyers.

Roll a Shirt and Band it

Bands are a simple and effective way to add a message or to clearly identify shirt sizes. It’s also an ideal way to make your t-shirts look neat and organized.


Compress Your Tees into a Book

A great and unique way to package shirts is to compressing them into the shape of a book with Bookwear. Your shirt is compressed then wrapped with a book cover that provides a unique design with your client’s message.


When your client gives these small books to their targeted customer, it’s more than just the swag inside that makes an impact. It’s the level of engagement and excitement. 

Choose Interesting Shapes and Packaging

Instead of simply packaging shirts into polybags or printer folds, think about things like these fun food cartons or using a jar or cup that can be reused.





What are some of the unique ways you have seen t-shirts packaged? Creative packaging solutions are just another way you can let your customer know that when it comes to new ideas, you’re their go too.

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George Kilian

Written by George Kilian