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    What's the Big Deal About Printed Tees?

    Posted by Tara Zanzig on November 15, 2011 11:03:00 AM CST

    We crank out t-shirts and apparel all day over here at Sharprint. Everything from give-away tees to high end fashion garments. Each item has an intentionally designed, well thought out purpose - whether it’s to commemorate a charity race or launch a new product. Decorated apparel is huge - no denying that - but what’s the big deal?

    Clothing has a very basic function - coverage. Climate and availability are some obvious and relatively uncontrollable factors that influence the clothing we wear. Apparel isn’t just about function, though, so why do we wear what we wear?

    Let’s start at the beginning. Think back to when you were dressing yourself for the first time. I took a survey of people with young children and compared their responses with my own memories of picking out my clothes for the first time. When you’re little, it’s all about favorites - color, patterns, shapes, and characters. Think pink tutu over jeans, Star Wars pajama top and cowboy hat. The apparel pieces in little kids outfit selection tend to evoke feelings of happiness. Since they have to be covered, kids chose to be covered in fun.

    As we start to get just a little older, something happens. Other factors begin to affect our decisions about what we wear. Factors like friends, parents, media, morals, the rejection of these things and/or any combination of them. What we wear becomes a less emotional choice and a more intellectual decision. Is this when growing up begins? Why the change? Let’s explore some ideas in the next couple of blogs.

    Tara Zanzig

    Written by Tara Zanzig