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Got Large Prints? Consider the Advantages of Oversized Printing.

Posted by Kelly Hageman on Wed, Feb, 12, 2014 @ 15:02 PM

As a Sales Insider here in the Sharprint customer service department, I field a great many inquiries about All-Over Printing. In fact, it may very well be our most requested process! Sadly, with the uptick of recent interest in AOP comes an equal number of folks who decide in the end for various reasons that it's not right for them. And while it's true that we'll take any chance we get to wax ecstatic about our All-Over Printing capabilities, there is actually another option for huge prints - but with fewer restrictions.

Consider the humble oversized print. By simply designing your artwork to be as large as possible without touching the collar, sleeves or any seams, we can produce big, beautiful prints using our standard screen-printing method. It's a much more cost-efficient option! 

The screens involved in producing standard screen prints are smaller than those used by AOP machines. This means less labor in producing them, resulting in a smaller setup fee and a lower minimum order quantity. Suddenly, printing giant images on shirts is an option within reach for smaller retailers or designers hoping to test the waters with a small first run.

Standard oversize printing also eliminates the unique design challenges associated with all-over printing.

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The T-shirt You Will Never Throw Away

Posted by Kelly Hageman on Fri, Mar, 22, 2013 @ 11:03 AM

We've all got one—a worn-out, favorite t-shirt that has been loved to death. Be it a band t-shirt, a thrift store find, or a truck stop souvenir from an ill-advised teenage road trip, some shirts are just too special to throw away, no matter how gross they get over time. I polled a few folks on this subject and managed to find some brave souls willing to (literally) air their dirty laundry.

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Rise Up: The Meteoric Success of One Design

Posted by Kelly Hageman on Thu, Feb, 14, 2013 @ 11:02 AM

Cole Mitchell is out of breath, talking a mile a minute. "Hey, sorry, I'm in the car right now, we just set up a new website for the shirts today and it went down and I have to go to the bank." This seemingly jumbled string of non-sequiturs makes sense only when you consider that Mitchell had woken up two days earlier with 500 requests for a t-shirt that had an immediate stock of about 50.

The shirt in question was for a design of Mitchell's creation, an Atlanta Falcons fan piece-slash-Samuel L. Jackson-tribute called "Rise Up Mother#@$%." Sharprint had done a couple runs of this design late last year and early this year - and as much as we here love the design and are always happy to see reprint requests, we had no way of knowing the design was about to explode in popularity. Neither did Mitchell, 26, who woke up on January 12 bombarded with email requests for the shirts after Falcons wide receiver Roddy White and former wide receiver Brian Finneran both tweeted photos of a fan wearing the shirt.

In the coming days, Sharprint printed almost 2,000 Rise Ups. When the dust settled (and the guys at Word of Mouth were finally able to get more than two hours of sleep a night), I interviewed Cole about the incredible success of the shirt.

Hi, Cole. So how did this now-infamous design come about?

The idea was sparked by the Falcons' popular 'Rise Up' campaign that was launched a couple of years ago with the commercial featuring Samuel L Jackson as the face of the franchise. I thought to myself how funny it would be if the message was coming from one of his foul-mouthed movie characters instead of the clean-cut, choir backed Samuel L Jackson depicted in the commercial. Since Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies, Jules Winnfied was my obvious first choice. I quickly mocked together the original design as a joke to text around to my friends. They all really liked the idea and requested that I have some shirts printed. So the first batch was just that, my crude illustration of an idea that I though was pretty funny. After they actually started selling to people outside of my group of friends, I decided that it was worth sitting down and spending some time on the illustration so that it was a good design and not just a good idea. The new t-shirt (printed by you guys) features the new artwork and is what we have been selling ever since.

Can you describe the exact moment you knew something was going on with Rise Up?

I was selling them all season but I never really did much to promote myself. I just sold them to people who found me tailgating at the games. It wasn't until Brian Finneran and Roddy White tweeted about it that orders really started piling in and I knew something big was happening. Someone I had sold a shirt to was wearing it at a pep rally where Brian spotted him and it all just blew up from there. I had hundreds of emails pouring in over the span of a couple of hours and ended up hiring my roommate and another buddy of mine to help me sort through all of the requests. Within a couple of days we had a website up and made Word of Mouth T-Shirts an official company.

What was the funniest, weirdest moment of this entire experience?

There have been a couple of weird (or surreal) moments. I had the opportunity to meet both Roddy White and Brian Finneran which was incredible. Roddy was even nice enough to give me tickets and sideline passes for the NFC Championship game in exchange for some shirts. It was far and away one of the best experiences of my life (aside from the fact that we ended up losing the game). My roommate and I also had the chance to talk about the shirts on The Regular Guys, a morning radio show based out of Atlanta. It was really cool to get that kind of exposure and support from people that I've been listening to for years. Both The Regular Guys and the crew over at 680 The Fan have been super generous to us and we can't thank them enough.

What's next for you guys?

Word of Mouth is in the process of getting a few new designs out right now. The 'Rise Up' shirts were a big hit but we don't want to stop there. We want to use the momentum they created and the lessons we've learned to turn Word of Mouth T's into a company people can rely on for great shirts with great designs based on ideas worth talking about, especially for the people who live in or love Atlanta.

Word of Mouth T-Shirts

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