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Hometown Pride

We love our city and each year we develop giveaway tee that expresses our hometown pride to pass out at Chicago based expos, conferences and shows.

Featured Techniques


Soft-Hand Vintage Printing

To create a vintage inspired t-shirt, various print techniques are dialed in based on garment, garment color and design details. Let's consult on your next vintage or soft-hand screen print order.

Featured Techniques:

Armour Square

Sports & Athletic Tees

These baseball fan tees, inspired by actual White Sox ballpark merch, demonstrate specialty techniques that are a homerun for athletes and their fans.

Featured Techniques


Textural & Tactile

Textural specialty inks can be used for a visual and tactile experience that cannot be achieved through traditional plastisol inks or their dimensional counterparts, puff and high density. Take creativity to next level.

Featured Techniques


All-Over Printing

All Over Printing (AOP) is one of the most sought after and most challenging prints to execute. Since imperfections can occur when printing over seams and collars, the best AOP designs avoid those areas or utilize a complimentary aesthetic.

Featured Techniques

Hyde Park


Backgrounds are templated artwork elements designed to pair with company logos, messages, or imagery, creating cohesive, ideal all-over prints. With a growing library of subjects there is a background design perfect for a client in any industry.

Featured Techniques

Logan Square


Featuring Logan Square’s Illinois Centennial Monument, the use of soft-hand AOP, Liquid Silver, and Blow-Out Ink are what make this print technique Monumental. Mix and match iconic imagery to come up with monumental print ideas.

Featured Techniques

The 606

High Visibility

Reflective inks have long been used for work safety apparel and have found their way into retail-driven designs for athletic gear - especially runners, walkers, and bikers. Metallic inks have a similar glittery effect without light refraction.

Featured Techniques


Color Change Inks

Ultra Violet Color Change inks bring oohs and ahs to the lips of t-shirt lovers. Indoors, the ink is practically undetectable. When exposed to sunlight (or other UV light) the inks transition to full color! Available in set colors and is only visible on white or natural t-shirts.

Featured Techniques

Ukrainian Village


The RGB color system that computer monitors use to display color allow for any combination of almost 17,000,000 colors. The ability to narrow a full color computer image into a dozen or fewer printable colors remains to be the true test of a high quality screen printer.

Featured Techniques

United Center

Screenprint VS Digital

Screenprint or Digital? The modern dilemma of apparel decoration. These days, both mediums are capable of beautiful full color reproduction so deciding which method to use is a balance of quantity, time, cost and style of artwork. Consult your decorator for recommendations.

Featured Techniques


Bright At Night

There will always be designs that call for the brightest of bright colors on dark garments. Typically bright inks look washed out on an underbase unless your decorator carries a dedicated line of fluorescent and glow inks specifically formulated for printing on darks.

Featured Techniques

West Chatham

Mosaic Tile

This technique starts with a high resolution photograph that is altered to look like a tile pattern. The printing process incorporates clear effect inks to make each tile look like glass. We’ve even incorporated some black foil for fun.

Featured Techniques


Puff Embroidery

Most folks tend to think of screen printing when it comes to specialty applications, but embroidery can also be used in fun and unique ways. Puff embroidery can add dimension and interest by incorporating it in the lettering, linework, or fill areas of most designs.

Featured Techniques

4 Simple Steps To Worry Free Order Production

The Four Simple Steps is a system for placing orders that helps organize details and keeps you informed about the progress of your custom screen print, embroidery, and digital print orders.
By pro-actively providing you with status updates, you can continue getting business instead of being bogged down by the orders you already have.

There are 4 steps in the ordering process:

  • Order Approval
  • Art Approval
  • Receiving Summary
  • Order Tracking