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Ultra Violet Color Change inks bring oohs and ahs to the lips of t-shirt lovers. Indoors, the ink is practically undetectable. When exposed to sunlight (or other UV light) the inks transition to full color! Available in set colors and is only visible on white or natural t-shirts.


Nano-T® Short Sleeve T-Shirt 4980 brought to you by Hanes.

Lower West Side is a community area three miles southwest of the Chicago Loop and its main neighborhood is Pilsen. Pilsen is rich in Latino culture and is home to the National Museum of Mexican Art. Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday that celebrates death as a natural part of the human experience. While somber, it’s also a time of celebration, with many bright and colorful traditions.


Black Plastisol Outlining

Artwork using non-uv linework with uv fill areas keeps your design visible indoors and out.


UV Reactive

All-Over Prints (AOP) work best as one color prints that avoid solid fills across seams & collars.


Inside Tag Printing

Finish off your project branding with inside tags that can include size and wash instructions or other useful info.

There are 2 main file types that can be used for screen print, embroidery or digital printing.


Understanding Art Requirements & File Types For Apparel Decoration

Whether you are ordering screen print, embroidery or direct-to-garment printing, you will need one of two file types: a high resolution raster file or a vector art file. These file types work with images differently and have different guidelines for what can be used. While you don't need to be a graphic artist to order custom printed tshirts or embroidered uniforms, developing an understanding of the different file types will enable you to discuss artwork and art related issues more clearly with your client.

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