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Backgrounds are templated artwork elements designed to pair with company logos, messages, or imagery, creating cohesive, ideal all-over prints. With a growing library of subjects there is a background design perfect for a client in any industry.

1 Color AOP $4.50-$1.75
Chino Ink + .10

Hyde Park is a neighborhood and community area on the South Side of Chicago. Hyde Park is home to the University of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House. In the early 21st century, Hyde Park received national attention for its association with former U.S. President Barack Obama, who, before running for president, was a Senior Lecturer for twelve years at the University of Chicago Law School.



Multi-color reflective flake in a clear ink. It can be used on its own or on top of other colors to add a glittery effect.

Background-All-Over Prints

All-Over Backgrounds

All-Over Prints (AOP) work best with loose or light design elements when printing over seams and collars.

White Underbase Plus Chino Ink

White UB + Chino

Using a white underbase lessens the softness of Chino inks. Chino works best when no underbase is needed!

Manual Screen Printing Press


Choosing The Right Type Of Screenprinting For Your T-shirts

Specialtyall-over, over-sized, AOP plus, faux this, and vintage; these are some of the many different types of screen printing going on these days. The challenge lies in deciding which is going to produce the ideal product. Understanding your options gives you a great foundation for working with your decorator to determine best process. This article touches on:

  • Soft-Hand Screenprinting
  • Large Scale T-shirt Printing
  • Specialty Printing

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