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Textural specialty inks can be used for a visual and tactile experience that cannot be achieved through traditional plastisol inks or their typical dimensional counterparts - puff & high density. Sponge techniques and suede inks  take creativity to the next level.

Threadfast Apparel Unisex Ultimate T-Shirt 100A brought to you by Alpha Broder.

Bronzeville has a vibrant cultural scene strengthened by the lasting legacy of the “Chicago Black Renaissance.” Once deemed “Black Metropolis,” the South Side neighborhood was home to many African American history makers, including Louis Armstrong, Dinah Washington, Richard Wright and Gwendolyn Brooks. Bronzeville is also home to the noted Chicago Military Academy-Bronzeville, a public 4–year military high school.

Specialty Sponge Effect For T-shirts

Sponge Effects

Bubbly & dimensional, this fun technique can be mixed to any Pantone color. Used here in the Chicago text.

Suede Style Printing On A Tshirt

Suede Printing

Ink that visually replicates the fuzzy, soft touch of suede leather. Shown here on center patch.


Threadfast Tees

Made from recycled content that consumes less petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy.



Choosing The Right Tshirt Fabric In Today's Market

As staple of the promotional products industry, t-shirts are available in a wide range of styles and fabrics. Making the right recommendation for your client can be a challenge no matter if you're looking to screen printdigitally print or embroider. In this article, we breakdown the essentials of each fabric type along with tips for decorating.

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