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4 Advantages When Working With A Full Service Screen Printer

Posted by Tara Zanzig on Wed, Mar, 14, 2012 @ 13:03 PM

No matter if you are a small business that needs five uniforms a year or a huge promotional company that needs thousands of garments printed every month, its to your advantage to use a full service screen printer.  Apparel decoration is a customization business and every project has a set of unique variables. At the very least, working with a printer that has the capability to fulfill all aspects of the decorated apparel business guarantees that you can rest assured that your printers will be able to properly react to unforeseen issues.

Full service screen printers have the capability to simply print your graphics on your goods or build your project from the ground up, choosing and ordering your goods, designing graphics, running separations, printing, shipping and more.  These businesses are prepared to provide services and products that you might not even know you need for your newest project.  Here are just a few of the advantages of working with a full service printer:

1.  Goods

Suddenly need a few hooded sweatshirts to add onto your order of printed tees?  Don’t scramble. Your full service printer can get them for you and have them delivered right to the production floor.  Have no idea what kind of jackets would be best for your project?  A full service screen print shop can help point you exactly were you need to go.  Full service printers can get you exactly what you need quickly, whether its two purple American Apparel Deep V Necks or 100,000 red polo shirts.
Full Service Screen Printer

2.  Dedicated Customer Service, a.k.a Insiders

We’ve all got a lot on our plates these days so if you’re using a full service screen printer there’s a lot less to worry about.  Insiders watch over every aspect of your orders.  From making sure that you get the best price on a quote and approving the first print off the line to ensuring that everything gets shipped out on time and checking on each step in between.  Your insider has got it all under control.
Full Service Screen Printer

3. The Art Department

Any full service screen printer has a top notch art department that can bring your ideas to life.  Maybe the art you want to print on a tee is a really low resolution, poor quality jpeg of a logo.  The artists can turn that pixelated image into 100% vector so there will never be any resolution problems and the final shirt will be printed perfectly clear. Art departments can optimize your art for printing, even if its just a pencil sketch on a bar napkin. In fact, if you don’t really have an idea, but know you want a screen printed t-shirt for some promotion or event, the art department can brainstorm ideas with you before creating the final art.
Full Service Screen Printer

4.  Delivery

In addition to being able to find and transport the blank garments to the print shop for you, these companies can get your goods to your customer without you having to lift a finger.  If you want to come and pick your order up in the family station wagon, roll on up to the dock.  If you want your full service printer to drop ship 100 tees to 100 destinations for you, that’s cool, too.

Full Service Screen Printer 

Finding a good full service decorator to handle your screen print project can really make your life easier. Fewer details to negotiate and follow up on means a lot less stress and more time to work on other projects.

Contact a full service printer today to start your next screen printed t-shirt order.


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