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Choosing Custom Restaurant Uniforms [Infographic]

Posted by Tara Zanzig on Thu, Mar, 08, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

Did you know employee uniforms are the single-most impactful element in a customer’s perception of your restaurant? Okay... that’s a huge exaggeration, but employee uniforms actually do play an important part in a customer’s experience.

Purchasing custom uniforms for your restaurant may seem daunting, especially if you don’t have experience. You may not know where to begin. So that's why we created this infographic that shows you just how simple and easy the process can be. Once you're through with the infographic, don't forget to download the FREE 8-step guide to custom restaurant uniforms.


Custom Restaurant Uniforms Infographic

Well designed uniforms can put your customers at ease and separate you from the pack. There are a number of factors that should be considered in order to select the right decoration for the right garment. For more details and helpful information, download the free 8-step guide below!


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