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To create a vintage inspired t-shirt, various print techniques are dialed in based on garment, garment color and design details. This shirt features soft-hand chino inks along with tonal clear gel and shimmer effects.

Chino Ink + .10

Sofspun Crewneck provided by Fruit Of The Loom.



Andersonville is a laid-back area within west Edgewater. It’s known for its 19th century row houses, as well as charming antique shops, cafes and cool furniture stores along Clark Street, a popular commercial strip. The neighborhood’s Swedish heritage is evident in its quaint restaurants and bakeries. The Swedish American Museum features artifacts from local and continental immigrant communities and is located right below the iconic Swedish flag water tower.


Digital Distress

Manipulate the art file to replicate cracks that have occurred in your favorite old tshirt.

Tonal Clear Gel Specialty Print

Tonal Clear Gel

Clear gel ink the perfect way to create perfect tonal prints easily. Contrast varies from color to color.

Andersonvillle Tshirt Black Shimmer

Black Shimmer

Shimmer inks are made of tiny reflective flakes suspended in a clear carrier ink to produce a solid metallic fill.

Design Dangerous Waters by Henrique Lima
Dangerous Waters by Henrique Lima


How Soft-Hand Printing On Dark Garments Works

Printing soft-hand on dark garments is probably the single most challenging aspect of textile screen printing. The “hand” of a print is referring to the feel. The softer the hand of a print, the less you can feel it. There has been some really great improvements in the screen printing ink industry with ink additives and the onset of discharge printing. There is not one single solution for a bright print with a super-soft hand on dark garments, rather a number of techniques that can be dialed in based on the art, garment color and garment fabric. 

This blog article provides basic information on:

  • Soft-Hand Printing & Regular Inks
  • Soft-Hand Additives For Regular Inks
  • Water-based Options For Soft Hand

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