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    Our Mission

    We provide a remarkable experience screen printing and embroidering custom t-shirts, apparel, and accessories for your organization or event.

    Creating a Remarkable Experience

    Customizing apparel and accessories is what we do, but it’s how we do it that makes us different. Our ultimate goal is to create a remarkable experience for each and every person inside the Sharprint walls and out. You’re important and unique. Your work is important and unique. You and your orders are treated as important and unique. 

    Keeping No Industry Secrets

    Considerable resources are invested to provide you with information and educational material on all decoration techniques, apparel trends, and industry related pro-environment processes and products. As your trusted source, it is our responsibility to equip you with as much or as little knowledge as you desire. If you have a question or are interested in a topic we haven’t covered yet, just let us know.

    Environmental Initiative

    Everyday we are conscious of how we dispose of waste, how to reduce waste, and how to recycle more. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lessening our imprint on the planet. Industry advances in eco-friendly products and processes are both employed and pioneered at Sharprint. 

    Our most recent initiative creates fashion forward, wearable garments from unwanted printed apparel or misprints. The new garments are unrecognizable as to the previous print. This also reinforces the concept of supporting local jobs and artisans instead of simply providing hand outs.

    Giving Back

    We’re grateful, everyday, that our doors are open after 25+ years. As a token of our appreciation, we are developing a curriculum for hands-on screen print education for Chicago youth and adults. In July and August, 2012, we launched our first youth program in collaboration with Marwen, and M&R Companies. Upcoming classes and events for winter and 2013 are currently in the works.


    Wikipedia defines emergence as “the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.” In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

    Sharprint is continuing emergence. Sure, George Kilian, musician and band manager started the company when his band shirts kept getting messed up, however it’s the rich history of amazing individuals that have made Sharprint the company that is today. Some have moved on. Some remain. Some are just getting started. We are the experience of working together and with you. We look forward to the evolution we create together.

    A Beginner's Guide To Company Apparel

    Custom company apparel can benefit your business in a variety of ways. Branding your uniforms, t-shirts, or promotional apparel with personality can help develop a strong company image that people will remember.

    This guide is a primer for the main points to consider when ordering custom company clothing and how to start the process.