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How To Use Custom Clothing To Promote Your Business

Posted by Sharprint Associated Press on December 1, 2022 10:51:20 AM CST

custom clothing promotionalCustom clothing is a great tool for promoting any business. There are lots of creative ways that this marketing tool can be used. Here are just a few options to get the brainstorming process started. Building on these will create lots of unique marketing strategies that will help to reach a new and diverse audience.

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves something free. Providing free promotional clothing can help to reach a vast new audience. Check local calendars to find the right event for this kind of giveaway. Some possibilities to consider include:

  • Local fairs
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Charity events
  • Marathons

Booths are often available for rent at events like these. Set up a booth and offer information, refreshments, demonstrations, and free apparel. Hats or t-shirts are a versatile item that most everyone can use. If a limited budget makes this kind of promotion unrealistic, try using a raffle or contest and offer custom clothing to the winners.

When it comes to charity events, the best way to provide custom clothing with a promotional slant is to participate in funding the event. This will serve several important marketing purposes. Companies who regularly participate in charity work have a very favorable public image.

Get Involved Locally

Charity events aren't the only option for getting involved with local happenings. A company sports team is another great way to make new connections. Join a softball league, bowling league, or basketball team. Runners and even walkers can form a team for a marathon. Outfit any participating employees with custom clothing. Caps and tees are perfect for a variety of sporting events. 

Fans of these recreational sports teams may want a way to show their pride as well. Design a second line of promotional shirts just for families. These will show up at games, but will also become a regular part of the recipient's wardrobe, acting as a walking billboard every time the hat, shirt, or jacket is worn. Special shirts to celebrate the end of the season are an option as well. Employees who wear promotional clothing are well equipped to share information about the company when passers-by notice the logo or design.

Offer Customer Gifts

Reward loyal customers with custom clothing that includes the company logo or another promotional print related to the business. Some ideas for rewarding customers include the following.

  • Give restaurant diners a punch card and provide a free tee shirt on their tenth visit
  • Host a special restaurant challenge where diners can earn a special shirt for eating an extra large steak or other jumbo sized item
  • Pop a trivia question to shoppers and give tee shirts or hats to the first people to hit the registers with the correct answer
  • Award special custom clothing to the 100th shopper every week or month
  • Provide a free item with large orders

There are lots of different options for this type of promotion. Nearly any item will work. Choose a piece of custom clothing that will connect with the right target audience. Business professionals will appreciate a polo, customers at a gourmet cooking store will love a new apron, and sports fans can always use a new ball cap to shade their eyes from the sun. Know the audience and plan accordingly.

Custom clothing is an effective promotional tool because it will be seen everywhere that the wearer goes. The right tee will go to school, out shopping, and even on vacation. Be sure to include a web site address or other contact information on all promotional items so it's easy for curious passers-by to learn more and potentially become new customers.


What is custom clothing for marketing?
Custom clothing for marketing is the creation of customized apparel with branding or promotional messages for a business or organization. These items can be used to promote a brand, event, or cause, and can be given away as promotional items or sold as merchandise.

Why is custom clothing a good marketing strategy?
Custom clothing can be an effective marketing strategy because it helps to increase brand awareness and visibility. When people wear clothing with your branding or message, it can generate interest and curiosity from those who see it. Custom clothing can also create a sense of loyalty and belonging among customers and employees.

What types of custom clothing can be used for marketing?
There are a wide variety of custom clothing options that can be used for marketing, including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, polo shirts, jackets, and more. The type of clothing you choose will depend on your target audience, the message you want to convey, and the purpose of the marketing campaign.

How can I design custom clothing for marketing?
Designing custom clothing for marketing can be done through a variety of methods, including working with a graphic designer, using online design tools, or working with a custom clothing manufacturer. It's important to consider the colors, fonts, and images that will be used in the design, as well as the placement of branding or promotional messages on the clothing.

How much does custom clothing for marketing cost?
The cost of custom clothing for marketing can vary depending on the type of clothing, the design complexity, the quantity ordered, and the manufacturer or supplier used. It's important to get quotes from multiple suppliers and to consider factors such as shipping costs and production time when evaluating pricing options.


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