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9 Tips Your Apparel Decorator Needs You To Know

Posted by Jack Kilian on October 30, 2018 2:01:21 PM CDT

9 Tips Your Apparel Decorator Needs You To Know

Below are 9 quick tips that Sharprint’s Customer Service Team has put together that will help ensure your next apparel order runs smoothly and is delivered on time.

1. Know ALL The Details Before Requesting A Quote

It’s important that Sharprint has ALL the details regarding the nature of an order so we can provide accurate pricing and estimated lead time. *Note: Quotes are subject to change upon receipt of final art & order. Click here to ‘Request a Quote’.

2. Ensure That Your PO Is Filled Out Completely

Did you know that 60% of POs that come into Sharprint are not filled-out properly? Things like exact garment types, re-orders, and where your goods are coming from are among the top things people forget about. Having all the information laid out for a project is very helpful to ensuring quick & accurate processing. If you have any questions regarding exactly what information we need for an order, please feel free to call us - or you can download this handy checklist that lays out exactly what we need.

3. Be Aware Of Spoilage Allowance

Unfortunately, no decorator is totally perfect, and when it comes to the decorating process there is a chance for human or mechanical error.  All orders are subject to a spoilage allowance. Based on industry standards; there is a 2% allowance on standard items, a 3% on specialty applications (per location), and a 5% allowance for tri-blends, pigment dyes & polyester garments. We recommended sending a few extra pieces in addition to your PO amount if your customer demands exact quantities.

4. Contact Your Rep For Rush Orders

If for any case your order requires a rush order, Sharprint can accommodate. The best way to make sure your order is expedited is to reach out to your customer service rep beforehand to discuss & confirm all of the details.  Please do not submit RUSH orders without contacting us first!

5. Keep Different Decoration Orders Separate

When submitting orders with different decoration methods (that are NOT being applied to the same garments) we ask that you submit them separately. For example, if you have a screen print and/or embroidery design that are two separate sizes, please use two separate purchase orders to keep things organized for re-orders.

6. Make Sure Your Pantone Colors Match

When it comes to submitting your artwork, colors are an important element to pay attention to in order to avoid inconsistencies. If you need us to match a specific color, please let us know the Pantone Matching System number (PMS#) - or provide a physical sample for us to color match.  Everyone’s computer monitor is potentially different, so without a physical sample or PMS# we cannot guarantee a perfect match. Check out our Pantone & Textile Screen Printing guide.

7. Communicate Any Special Instructions

Here at Sharprint, we love to take on a good challenge or experiment; however, when it comes to non-standard items, often times they are more difficult to properly decorate - and each comes with their own potential needs.  Due to this extra involvement, often times the pricing may need to be a bit different, i.e. finishing (bagging, folding, tagging), ship method, etc. So please reach out to your customer service rep with any special instructions to discuss before submitting a PO.

8. Try To Avoid Last-Minute Changes

As mentioned earlier, we understand that changes sometimes need to be made to an order after it’s been submitted. Please be aware that in addition to possibly affecting your ship date, your decoration costs may also be subject to change. Your rep will be able to advise on any changes to pricing or shipment.

9. You Need A White Underbase On Dark Garments

Last but not least, when printing on any dark garment color please make sure to add one extra color to the total number of colors in your design. This extra color is used for a white underbase (per location). For example, if you print red on a black shirt, a white underbase will be needed. 

We hope these quick tips help! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Thanks for reading!  

Jack Kilian
Sales & Marketing


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Jack Kilian

Written by Jack Kilian